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Landscapers in Silver Spring MD: Misconceptions about Xeriscaping

Landscapers in Silver Spring MD know that xeriscaping is a new concept for many homeowners, and that there may be some misconceptions about this type of landscape design.

As a reminder, Xeriscaping is landscape design technique that focuses on water conservation through the use of heat and drought-tolerant plants, along with proper soil and irrigation management. Xeriscaping your yard can often reduce water use by 50% or more.

Misconception #1: Xeriscapes are dull and lack color.

While some homeowners choose to have more of a rocky or desert-type feel to their xeriscaping, a xeriscape will often look no different than any other attractive landscape - it will just conserve water.

Misconception #2: Xeriscapes are made up of a bunch of different colored rocks and different types of cactus plants.

There are plenty of water-conserving woody and herbaceous plants already in popular use which qualify as xeriscaping. A well-planned, water-conserving landscape can be made attractive and interesting by the use of a well thought out selection of various trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and flowering annuals and perennials. The following are some examples of plants, shrubs, and trees, that might be used in xeriscaping:

  • Shade trees: Red Maple, Green Ash, Red Oak
  • Evergreen trees: Atlas Cedar, Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Deciduous Shrubs: Red chokeberry, Smoketree, Burning Bush
  • Evergreen Shrubs: Heavenly bamboo, Junipers
  • Herbaceous Plants: Day Lily, Black-Eyed Susan, Silvermound
  • Misconception #3: Heat and drought-tolerant plants don’t require any water or maintenance.

    All plants need water, even the drought-tolerant plants. However, drought tolerant plants require less water and tolerate extended dry periods better than other plants. As with any landscape, xeriscapes still need occasional weeding, pruning and pest monitoring.

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